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 Post subject: I could be bounded in a nutshell... , by Pierre, PG
PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2009 12:51 pm 
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Title : I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself Queen of infinite space...
Author : Pierre
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Drama
Word Count : ~ 1000
Spoilers : Up to Season Four
Beta-testing : none
A/N : Made for Mamaboo's birthday. Unbetatested. Written probably too hastily. But since you seemed to have appreciated the reciprocal fiction, I hope you'll like this as well.

A/N bis : Posted here because there is some Helo implying. It's very weird and doesnt make much sense? No worries, that's normal. You can also take the time to re-read it. For Chris: uhm, I had only two meager ideas for B/C. I used them here.

I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself Queen of infinite space...

Ok, I managed to stabilize the bird. We are above Caprica's gravity well and out of danger. Well, Helo, that was close! A good thing I decided to check my repairs once more before taking off. I'm happy that everyone was able to get on board. You imagine the situation, if we had had to leave people behind us, to die on this devastated planet?
Something's bothering me, though, and I can't find what. It isn't probably very important. We are going back home, on the Galactica, and only that matters now.

You know, Helo, I was thinking. Maybe I should have told Dr Cottle the truth, about the presumed incident with my gun. Maybe he could have done something. But it's unlikely. Although Apollo said it would leave a nasty scar, strangely I can't feel it right now, when I touch my cheek. The Colonel slapped me there, on the fresh wound, and I felt that, believe me. Half of my face was on fire. I just wanted to know how Adama was. After that, I wondered when they would come to slowly cut me in pieces, alive.

What's this sound? An alarm has been triggered. Boxey, please don't play with the controls. Where was I?
Oh yes. Eventually I was shot, and this time the fire was in my belly. There were screams around me, and suddenly Chief's arms and hands had transformed into those of several women, and his tears had filled some weird tub, in which I was, naked, shackled and terrorized. And then, like when I was in the Basestar,
I saw myself.

That doesn't make sense. I'll take a deep breath, as you taught me, Helo.
I'm Sharon Valerii, right? I'm unique. My parents died when I was still young, but before that, I had a normal childhood. I looked at the stars from the window of my room, and asked myself if my cat, who had been killed by a car, was living up there, now. I was afraid that the bad Cylons would harm him.

Helo, could you put in a good word for me, when we arrive on the Battlestar? I'm tired of concealing my relation with the Chief. Everyone knows this anyway, no? Frakking my Raptor landings has even become part of the game. You think you could persuade the XO that it isn't and will never be a problem?
It's true that I haven't seen Galen since a long period. I was part of a Cylon occupation force, the last time we spoke. I'm also a Cylon, you know? I can't really explain it. I used to have these memory issues, and sometimes it must happen again, I guess. I remember that Caprica became my friend and helped me a lot. Did we save the Fleet, is this why we were called War Heroes? So Adama must be pleased with me. I don't see why he could be angry.

I can still hear the warning bells. And it's hot here. Maybe the life support systems don't work properly, because there are too many people in the Raptor.
We are very lucky to have Dr Baltar with us. He's a strange man. One time, we comforted each other, on the Basestar. He seemed so miserable, so I assured him that I had forgiven him for lying to me and threatening Chief's life. In the middle of my speech, I broke in tears. He held my hand. Nothing more happened. I heard him say something like "I'm sure now, and the answer is no. Who do you think I am? She feels alone." That was weird, because there was only the two of us. But he was right, I felt lonesome and rejected by all. Cally's reaction, in the cell, had showed me the truth. Of course, I wasn't sleeping very well, since I was supposed to take care of Hera, who was ill, without much help, and that could also explain my fragilized mental state. That's your daughter, Helo. You met her mother on Caprica. Don't you remember?

Wait a minute. Something isn't right.
Somehow, I lost control over myself. Did I kill a child? Caprica did it once, as she told me. Did Hera represent a danger for me or my people? Brother Cavil had implied it. He's the one who told me precisely about D'Anna's betrayal. She wanted to box me because I was still a Colonial in my heart. Because I was myself. And risking a catastrophe with her Final Five quest was permitted? That was not her right. Cavil seemed also sincerely shocked when I asked "No shackles, this time?" when I found myself in the rebirthing tub again. I realized that somehow, he was different. Feared and marginalized by the others. Like me, the outcast? Natalie hugged me, and said she was understanding my choice. But then the Cylons split up, and I witnessed my Sister's Basestars blow up. And it was my fault, again...

Helo... Oh God, please help me. Helo, the curtain has been torn. I remember now. YOU ARE NOT HELO, YOU ARE ME.
I left you on Caprica. You forced me to abandon you. Can't we go back in time, please, please? I'm not Sharon Valerii, born on Troy, anymore, instead I'm a soulless machine, a frakking Cylon. I was able to escape the exploding Hub. I don't know which part of myself, the self-rejected and loathed human, or the hypocritically accepted and acclaimed Cylon, disgust me the most.
I suppose I passed out after the launch of the shuttle. The vessel was slightly damaged during the process. I hope I'm not too badly wounded, and that the liquid I feel in my throat comes from tears and perspiration. I don't want to drown in my own blood. Maybe I even managed to resurrect my love before fleeing, and I will see him when I will open my eyes, taking care of me. I honestly can't remember. The incessant beeps are hurting my ears: perhaps the escape pod has arrived at its destination, whatever it is.
There is no point continuing to hide myself in my dreams. Wake up, Sharon, it's time to live.

Captain of the Praetorian Guard of Her Majesty Empress Boomer

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 Post subject: Re: I could be bounded in a nutshell... , by Pierre, PG
PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:40 pm 
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I remember saying about this one that you were the king of the mind twisters ;)

But now I know what you're talking about and it all makes sense. And it hurts somehow.

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